Friday, 16 July 2010

God, I'm crap..

I can't believe I haven't updated in so long. I'm terrible! Right, I'm turning over a new leaf (well blog wise anyway).

The first thing I need to update about is Alex's fabulous exhibition on at exposure gallery which is on now until the 30th of July. It features old favourites as well as new theme park themed creations. His beautiful illustrations look like they should be in the sort of  fairytale storybook that would have both scared and confused you as a child.  I provided themed cupcakes at the private view decorated with his illustrated characters, pastel candy letters, silver buttons, white chocolate skulls and a LOT of gold glitter. It was quite lovely walking around the private view seeing people with gold glitter on their faces and knowing they'd scoffed a cake.

The flavours were vanilla sponge with fresh blackcurrants, lemon drizzle and vanilla icing in the silver cases. In the gold cases there was vanilla sponge with a homemade spiced plum jam center and orange frosting. The blackcurrants and the plums were handpicked from Jamie's parents garden in Cambridge and always taste better than shop bought fruit. 

Alex has been lovely enough to design my fantastic new website that I'm a bit in love with. Check it out:
The picture of me in a tea cup, at least I like to think it's me (although my legs will never be that skinny) is in the exhibition at the moment. You can see Alex's work and contact him here:



  1. good work crystal! lots of love xxxx

  2. Hi Crystal
    I don't know if you remember me from way back but I'm Sarah Atkinson's friend from university. She's round my house at the moment sewing, and talking about crafting and making jam for next Christmas, and she showed me your blog. It's lovely! Will have a proper read through later when we've finished sewing...